Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flood Poem II: "Croc Dundee" in Tax Fight

Appeared in the Press-Citizen July 9, 2008

For he can hypnotize a buffalo
and he can tell the time by the course of the setting sun
and while his career, like his taxes, isn’t done
it’s a little sad to see him shuffle so.

Why the evasion, Paul? At sixty-plus,
you should be enjoying your golden years,
staging a comeback like Indy with smoke and mirrors.
It’s not too hard entertaining us,

so why the sudden Al Capone routine
instead of a simple fight, the bread and circus?
We’re tired of seeing the favorites who used to work us
hide their heads in the sand and lose their sheen

making a token gesture at the best
like an Aussie quip, or a visit to the wet midwest.

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