Saturday, July 12, 2008

Coyotes Thriving in Suburbs

Appeared in the Press-Citizen June 11, 2007

At first—before their S.U.V.’s and middle-
class complaints about the price of fuel
and the costs of sending the pups to private school—
their moving here was something of a riddle.
Were they in flight? Or were they on the trail
of achieving the Americanine dream,
pushed by the pack, by the need for self-esteem,
and by faith in the Horatio Alger tale?
And if they’re thriving—on Atkins, trash t.v.,
Wild Hogs and Wii—then what of the census
that now reports the rates of poverty
are higher within than without their picket fences?
Will they howl with their pack at the full-moon sky,
or just order a latte and let sleeping dogs lie?

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