Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cat Chasing Mouse Leads to 24 Hour Blackout

Appeared in the Press-Citizen May 25, 2008

—4,079 and counting

And after the parties of interest are sought and found,
quieted, questioned, detained and disappeared,
and after we’re told it wasn’t as bad as we feared,
and after the circuits are determined sound
and all the power’s properly restored,
then come the commissions, committees, and decrees,
the whatifs, never agains, and you-should-sees,
the whys, the how tos, and it-should-be-ignoreds.
We learn that no one really dropped the ball,
that the incident was isolated
and its importance grossly overstated.
And then before you know it, after it all,
some grinning, dirty dog named Spot or Rover
is shaking your hand and claiming the war is over.

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