Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Poetry of The X-Files: Fox Mulder Reading Robert Browning in "The Field Where I Died" (Season 4, Episode 5 [1996])


Aaron Leis said...

There was a fair bit of poetry sprinkled through X-Files, if I recall. I've wondered sometimes how much of it was at Duchovny's suggestion. According to Wikipedia, he got a BA in English at Princeton, a Master's at Yale where he studied with Harold Bloom, had some poems receive honorable mention in a college prize from the Academy of American Poets, and was working on a Ph.D. when he went off to pursue acting. Always liked thinking of that when Mulder waxed poetic or they talked about his studious days at Oxford.

Mike Chasar said...

I seem to remember more poetry in the X-Files too, but I can't locate any other specific moments. Can you? (As an underemployed English major watching the shows in the 90s, I knew Duchovney was an English major too...)