Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the Twittification of Walt Whitman

I cLebr8 myself,
& wot I assume U shaL assume,
4 evry atom belonging 2 me az gud belongs 2 U.


mongibeddu said...

Great find!

Emily said...

I read the Whitman poem you recommended at my sister's wedding. Afterward, she thanked me and told me how appropriate she thought it was for them -- even though it sounded like it was written to a gay lover. I had no idea my sister had so much insight into poetry.

Ron said...

Funny. I love "I cLebr8 myself..."

Adam said...

If copyright, cold types and press,
Guaranteed him "presence" nonetheless,
Then certainly he'd find it sweet
To caress his comrades through a tweet...

Mike Chasar said...

My rivers are pent up and aching,
My live-oak and lilacs are too.
I'm twitting the stuff of new republics
and desperate to txt with you.