Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thai Firefighter Dresses Up as Spiderman to Coax Eight-Year-Old Boy Off Window Ledge

Appeared in the Press-Citizen on March 27, 2009

Hero is a word I don’t use lightly.
He didn’t grab ahold of me but took
the arm of something from a comic book
while I climbed down the ladder, held on tightly,
and set him on the ground. I didn’t write
the story or mix the ink to burn like fire.
I perhaps did a fair impression of Tobey Maguire,
but I didn’t direct the movie, or delight
millions of kids, or even bring the ladder there.
I didn’t sew the suit or drive the truck
but simply hoped for a little bit of luck
as I put on the costume I was brought to wear.
Who should get the credit? Don’t ask me:
maybe the folks know better at A.I.G.

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