Friday, July 25, 2008

Cheeni Rao's "In Hanuman's Hands"

Here's a hilarious excerpt from "In Hanuman's Hands: A Memoir of Recovery and Redemption" by Srinivas (Cheeni) Rao, in the process of being published by HarperOne (an imprint of HarperCollins) and soon to make its way to a bookstore near you:

"So, rather than waste my time going to classes ... I spent most of my time getting high and playing poker. I would walk in on the days of the tests for my premed classes, scribble my answers down as fast as possible, then race out to find something better to do with my time. I was also taking a poetry-writing class, but I'd been writing for a long time before I came to college as a way of dealing with my internal chaos, and so though the poems I created were sorry jumbles of cliche, they at least showed an understanding of basic poetic forms. The instructor was perpetually grumpy, either pissed that getting tenure didn't excuse him from having to teach poetry to a bunch of hacks, or that people only recognized him as the weirdo who had somehow gotten a poem with the last lines 'Put down your flamethrower, honey / you know I always loved you' into the Norton anthology. Since a couple of the students felt it was a class requirement that they talk more than the professor, even if it was only a monologue about the secret meaning of the poem they had scribbled before class, I soon stopped going to that class too."

Now who out there in our home audience can identify the author of "Put down your flamethrower, honey / you know I always loved you"?


Bryan Voell said...

"Attack of the Crab Monsters", by Lawrence Raab. Giddyup.

Jane Roper said...

I took poetry with Larry Raab at Williams, too, (I think I might have even been in the same class as Cheeni...) and he truly was a grumpy, grumpy guy. He seemed to really dislike teaching.