Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Gallery of Suffragist Poetry

For the work of a day,
For the taxes we pay,
For the Laws we obey,
We want something to say.

This is pretty heavy work,
But I'll never, never shirk.

I think we'll get them if we try.
And we shall try until we die.

If I can vote, why not propose?
If I am bold you must excuse me.
I've loved you ages, goodness knows!
And don't you dare, Sir, to refuse me.

A Suffragette you're going to wed
and after you've been quite well dead
your friends will gather round and say:
"A nice 'enuff fellow in his henpecked way,"
But you'll chip up with "Well! Well! Well!
This ain't so bad, this place called H........"


Angela Sorby said...

Cast off the shadows of yesterday!
Shoulder to shoulder into the fray!

Thanks for these, Mike; they're great.

Laura said...

Thanks for these, Mike. They are terrific.

Those ladies rocked!

Jim Rhodes said...

It's nice to see this post. All these women were really creative. I think this is great.