Friday, October 3, 2008

OMG! Buddhist Nun Texting Novel

Appeared in the Press-Citizen on September 30, 2008

Cn u c hr, reachng out 2 the nxt
genration of rdrs via cel,
renvntng how 2 read nd spel?
Nd as the kids dvour al hr txt
I cn hear the critix strt 2 db8
if this travsty shld b aloud
(cn u hear the rdrs lol?)
nd if the bk cn qualify as gr8.
The nun is 86 bt avant gard
nd if, when 2mrws rainbos snt 2 u,
u feel a lttle shok, well, thts the nu
nd the nu cn b a lttl hard.
2 me, these qs nvr seem 2 nd—
like whats the snd of 1 hand prssing snd?

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Anonymous said...

VM would love to do some guest-blogging. We just got Amber Tamblyn's new book of poems, so we'll be MIA for a few days with that and doing some lunch meetings with the Olsen twins (you know, their current campaign to be in the 2009 Best American Poetry)-- and then it's off to a wash and set appointment with Jorie in Cambridge (or France, we have to check our Blackberry)...